August 21 2006

This Bud’s For Me

posted by Steven Shaw at 10:49 am

Defamer calls the show a “green goldmine of marketing potential”.

The Kingsland (Auckland) billboard campaign for Prime’s excellent new TV drama Weeds has seen plenty of return business as stoners from the surrounding area emerge from their bong-water swamps to collect the fake plastic buds as souvenirs for the flat.

After the first shipment was swiped, security cameras were installed. We understand phase two of the ad campaign involves hanging some giant sneakers over the telephone lines.

The launch of Weeds in the US included a perfume ad styled scent strip in Rolling Stone magazine laced with the smell of marijuana, a Munchie Mobile van dealing Weeds branded brownies (it was reported that they gave a little bag of “munchies” to a little girl in a stroller) and ads with the line “Putting the herb in suburb,” across the web.

See Ana’s review of Weeds here.

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