September 04 2006

Yesterday we posted a bunch of bogus-sounding toaster reviews from the Ferrit online mall and today I asked the head of marketing Peter Wogan, if they were genuine or written in-house.

“Absolutely some of our reviews are generated in-house…Ferrit staff, Telecom staff and partner staff have reviewed products that they own or have used – toasters included.

“There are seven reviews of the Dualit toaster that currently feature in our advertising on the site. They were written to illustrate what can be done on the site to provide feedback and generate discussion,” he explains. “Some of the reviews are obviously tongue-in-cheek, as is our advertising style.”

Nice spin, but like the $500 toaster, we’re not buying it.

The whole point of consumer reviews is that they are independent – separate from the paid-for push.

Nowhere did Ferrit indicate these were written by “Ferrit staff, Telecom staff and partner staff”. Therefore, it is fair to assume that something called a “consumer review” of a product isn’t generated by those trying to sell them.

Because of this, it is also reasonable to figure Ferrit were reasonably comfortable pulling the wool.

Research overseas shows consumer reviews sway opinion to buy – why else would Ferrit be doing it?

This complete lack of transparency, blurring the lines between authentic consumer-generated reviews and what is cashed-up hype could easily backfire. No one likes a faker, especially one who tries to weasel out of things.

I can’t help but wonder, if Ferrit are prepared to make-up their own product reviews, then how many people will be paid to provide content for the soon-to-be-launched social networking version, Ferrit 2.0?

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36 Responses to “Ferrit Writes Own Consumer Reviews”

  • Bob says:

    You seem surprised that Telecom’s trying to screw you. Look at everything else they do and you’ll see it follows a familiar pattern.

  • Steven says:

    The real irony is that our Google ads on this post are currently displaying Dualit toasters….

  • Patrick says:

    The real question here is what else do Mr Wogan and his gang of merry pranksters fake?

    That is, do they take their work home with them?

  • Zippy Gonzales says:

    Ferrit is like a dog in that it likes the taste of its own bollocks.

  • David says:

    This is just another example of the way that big corporates just don’t get viral marketing. There have been a number of cases overseas of big companies trying to fake ‘word of mouth’ and viral through the web, but maybe not as ham-fisted as this attempt.

  • Ana says:

    Ferrit’s Peter Wogan, kindly responds: ”I have faith that our users who see those reviews will see that they are tongue in cheek and in support of our current advertising,” he says.
    “We speak with 50 of our users every week on the phone through our research and get daily feedback through our site and this has not been an issue for any of our users to date. If it is an issue then of course we would address it”.

  • David says:

    Is the interviewing over the phone done with 50 real users, or 50 fake users? Does Ferrit actually have 50 real users?

  • Brana says:

    I wonder if this breaches the Fair Trading Act by pretending that the product has been genuinely reveiwed by genuine consumers in an attempt to mislead potential buyers as to the quality and “coolness” of the product? It would be if so-called “consumer” reviews are deemed advertising…

  • lopsided says:

    I guess it’s much easier to manufacture a community than allow one to breed of its own accord.

  • Pong says:

    Arrr, this happens a lot I suspect. I sometimes write an answer for a Q & A column in a mag and often have to make up my own Q to A. Sometimes you have to create dialogue to generate more dialogue. Still wouldnt buy the toaster though.

  • Juha says:

    Very good story ;)

    I take it all these comments are for real, and not generated in-house?


  • Steve says:

    What’s Ferrit?

  • Tim Haines says:

    Ferrit staff posting fake “user reviews” on Ferrit

  • speaks from experience says:

    Hmmm. Happens all the time.

    The skill involved is not to GET CAUGHT.

  • DB says:

    It seems that Telecom genuinely believe that their customers (across the board) accept/expect/assume/enjoy being duped. Either that or Telecom are unbelievably stupid. Or they’re supremely arrogant. Or all of the above.

  • Chaucey says:

    Telecom staff obviously have private lives though, and they might buy toasters and want to review them. I don’t have a problem with people reviewing stuff they’ve used. What I see as the problem is that the potential conflict of interest is not stated on each review, and that the reviews are sometimes tongue in cheek.
    Not everyone shares the same sense of humour and so people might not recognise fake reviews from real reviews.

  • Craig Ranapia says:

    OK, and even if these reviews were real would you take advice on any subject from someone who’d spend five hundred bucks on a fracking toaster? A five hundred dollar pair of shoes, that I get. :)

  • Murray says:

    For $500 it better be giving me breakfast with a “happy ending”.

    Ain’t no shoes in the world that can do that Craig… unless I’ve been going to the wrong sort of bar all this time.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    ‘No one likes a faker, especially one who tries to weasel out of things.’

    Pity they forgot to tell the PM

  • Steven says:

    What, did she get a toaster too?

  • Craig Ranapia says:


    I’ve turned over enough pairs of cheap, painfully badly-made shoes that don’t last six months, to say even the most robustly straight man should swallow hard and lay out serious cash for good shoes that will go for years with a little care.

    But a $500toaster? Please – all it has to do is burn bread to your satisfaction without taking the house with it.

  • Glen says:

    They have updated their reviews and have stated they are all Ferrit employees.

    As my friend said: ‘You guys have got to check out the reviews now, they are even more funny as they say who they e.g. I’m the guy that makes the ads etc. Amazing that they don’t get point that they can’t review stuff whether they tell you it’s them or not. Reminds me of ad agencies testing their own ads’

  • David says:

    I’m not sure which is worse, the original failed deception, or the new versions ‘fessing up! Neither would remotely influence my purchase decisions (even if I was in the market for a $500 toaster!) Also, why would I use Ferrit when I can buy over the internet directly from the relevant retailer?? I think the management at Ferrit and Telecom need to read Nicholas Negroponte’s ‘Blown to Bits’ on the subject of the devaluation of the role of the middleman in an internet society.

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  • Hamish MacEwan says:


    Congratulations on the story, and appearing in the NY Times.

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  • Diane McCarthy says:

    This is an example of intertextuality. The advertising agency has created a marketing ploy in its tv advertising campaign ( stereotyped geeky Internet shopper guy pulling chicks in pubs with cool designer toasters). Then it constructed fake consumer endorsements, on Ferrit.So the agency has used deception as a marketing tool. And here we all are, for free, raising the profile of that site, by participating in debate about the controversy! Very clever, and if under the Fair Trading Act the Commerce Commission, Fair Go, and the Consumers Institute get in on the act, and genberate more traction for this, so it becomes a main stream media story, then Telecom and its ad agency continue to laugh all the way to their respective banks.
    Playing ‘pick the trick’ is a better way to go. Let’s say how boring it must be to visit Ferrit if so few real people use it, that the ad man cometh! I will certainly continue to avoid it.

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  • MySale would never stoop that low says:

    Its online businesses such as ferrit which treats the NZ public like morons with there blase attitude that “its cheek and tongue” which ruins it for other people launching a web based business with a fraction … wait 0.001 % of there budget. May ferrit crash and burn for treating the NZ public like morons!

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  • stating the obvious says:

    if telecom staff can afford a $500 dollar toaster… I am applying for a job there tomorrow.

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