January 15 2007


posted by Ana Samways at 2:36 pm


US tabloid Star Magazine finds new ways to degrade Britney Spears and themselves.

In case you can’t read the copy, it says: “We like to call this ‘toebesity’, or fat-toe syndrome,” says [NYC podiatrist Dr. Oliver] Wong. Brit may be genetically cursed with fat toes, but there is a solution: She could have them surgically thinned out!

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3 Responses to “Toebesity”

  • Mrs Smith says:

    And some wonder why women become anorexic.

  • gigi says:

    How moronic. A made-up term for a bottom-feeder foot doc wishing to prey on some women’s insecurities.

  • Beverly S. Hill says:

    I have also heard Brittney’s feet smell really bad. Fellow 1st Class Plane Passengers have complained when she removed her shoes!!

    And those toenails!!!
    UGH!!! Those are not “Sandal Feet”!!!

    So glad I have cute, small feet!!!

    p.s. I loved hearing that Paris Hilton wears a SIZE 11!!

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