January 16 2007

Swell Ferry Crossing

posted by Ana Samways at 1:49 pm

A tourist (possibly an expat) uploaded this footage of our very own InterIslander ferry the “Suilven” a frieghter, shot in February 2002 as it exits the Wellington heads into Cooks Strait.

See comments for a link to the Met Service report for the day.


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14 Responses to “Swell Ferry Crossing”

  • noizyboy says:

    that’s weird. I remember seeing the video of this when I was working at MetService. It was shot by an ex-workmate of mine, who also added some stills to this MetService page that goes into the details about the storm the ferry was passing through (scroll to the bottom for the pix). I assume the video has done the rounds, and someone has decided to share with all via YouTube…

  • Rod Drury > The Ferry says:

    [...] Repost from SpareRoom because this is so good. Looks like the BlueBridge. [...]

  • Lori says:

    Makes me feel sick just watching it

  • Another Day on the Cook Strait says:

    I have lived in Wellington 5 years and I would never, ever, in a million years take the ferry. They “sail” in all kinds of weather and what is supposed to take 3 hours, can take up to 8 on a day like this. You think they would have some sort of sense in their head to risk peoples lives like this!

  • Ric Chan says:

    Wooohoooo, jest lerv a decent rock n roll.

    I wish I was onboard.

  • Kathleen says:

    jebus, that looks scary…

  • CJ says:

    Now add a vodka and Lime and see how the trip would go.Was always good fun on the Arahura and Aratika…:-) Wellingtonians enjoy the thrill of watching mad people do the crossing…note usually not Wellingtonians..hehehhe

  • Brian Harmer says:

    That’s not the Interislander and not even the Bluebridge ferry. I am fairly sure it is a small coastal freighter called “Suilven”

  • Leanne says:

    I Googled “Suilven” and found this article with a still from the above footage:
    18 September 2004: Australian protest group Animal Liberation NSW circulates images of a livestock carrier ship, Strait Shipping’s Suilven, leaving Wellington, New Zealand, in appalling weather conditions.

  • Brian Harmer says:

    Leanne … how dishonest of them. As post from Lazyboy above indicates, that storm was a full two years earlier. Furthermore, the Suilven was a general purpose RoRo freight carrier, and not a livestock ship. Their livestock ship was the Straitsman.

  • Brian Harmer says:

    Sorry, I meant Noizyboy.

  • Graham says:

    i can say that i’ve seen worse but with the “Vomit comit” i’ve been on and seen very few not to chuckup. i’m not one of those who did. i’d found the piviting point in the inter-islander some years ago and it was i think was the “Aramoana”., the aranui did a rough crossing one day but i’d missed out that one. please don’t forget the “Aratika”., so there must be a few out there that has done the “Rough” crossings in their days.

  • Gary says:

    This sort of weather is not unusual for Cook Strait. I sailed on the Suilven and she cwas great sea ship. Did rock and roll but hey don’t they all. Someone mentioned the Vomit Comment was this is in relation to the Railways Fast Ferry. There also was a mention about the Suilven not carrying stock when in fact she did in trucks.

  • Gary says:

    I think one of the worst crossings was encountered by the Aramoana in the 60’s when she could not get into Wellington so she headed south and went to Lyttleton.


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