March 20 2007

AAThatcher.jpgIf the Queen can be the subject of a major motion picture, then why not Margaret Thatcher?

The French production company involved with The Queen is eyeing up the former British PM’s battle to save her career in the days before the Falklands War as the focus for a new film.

At least it’s not a musical. Oh, that’s already been done. Thatcher The Musical is described by the Oxford Playhouse as: “An all-singing, all-dancing cast romp through the life and times of the Iron Lady and her government…exploding the political and the personal and revealing the contents of the most famous handbag in history! From parliamentary battles to the Falklands War, from the miners’ strike to the knife in the back… show-stopping musical numbers include The Cabinet Shuffle, The Tory Blues…”

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2 Responses to “Margaret Thatcher: The Movie”

  • Dunkster says:

    Well, there’s already one anthem out there that can be adapted for this vomit-inducing project…

    All together now – ‘Thatcher, Thatcher,
    milk snatcher…’

    (Okay, you had to be there, but it was to do with Cuddly Megs’ decision to remove milk from schools…)

  • Rent Movies says:

    I almost tossed my cookies..

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