March 26 2007

TV3’s Campbell Live was brave enough to do a live cross to the National Party booze up for the youngies on Friday at the cheesy Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland. It was agonising to watch and unfortunately for the Nats, John Key was upstaged by Urbis magazine publisher Claire Sullivan for all the wrong reasons.

“I vote National. I’m a strong National Party supporter and I think this [Key] is the new face of the National Party,” she gushed. “I think sure get people here; get them drunk on the Man O’ War wine [plug, plug]… But at the end of the day I think the National Party is forging forward with a smart intelligent young crew.”

Then Brown asks her which electorate her political idol represents. She had no idea…

Via VideoForRidicule.

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16 Responses to “Video: Key Upstaged on Live TV”

  • Aucklander At Large says:

    I thought the fact that he said his favourite “band” was Brooke Fraser and then he proved he was lying by being unable to name one of her records was classic.

  • Robyn says:

    Jaquie lured him into a trap with the favourite band question. If he was smart, he would have said that he didn’t know any of Brooke Fraser’s albums because he’d just bought individual tracks of iTunes. Now that would have made him seem down with the kidz.

  • Jonathan says:

    Oh yes, I’m going to vote National now… ;O)

  • Brana says:

    I watched this on Friday night and must admit to cringing (for all the right reasons) at seeing National’s new cool wannabes trip up over Jacqui Brown’s questions. Must also admit that I find it quite insulting that John Key can claim to represent the Helensville electorate when he’s never lived there and currently resides in a multi-million dollar ‘mansion’ in Parnell. At least David Cunliffe had the decency to move to Titirangi before he decided to stand for that electorate for Labour two elections ago.

  • simon says:

    The smartest person in that video the was interviewer. She is fully trained in how to trip up these newbies. Sounds like John Key is just as inexperienced in politics interviews as Don Brash

  • richard srnz says:

    Who was that plonker that came over to talk to Key at the end?

  • gareth says:

    what a rip off cheap politics we’ve seen it before
    ,does anyone remeber Tony Blair sucking up to the britpop Scene, 95′

  • RW says:

    yes what a joke that was. who’d have thought that throwing a party getting pissed with the kids could be a bad PR move? Clark meets with Bush, Key pulls this. what a man.
    i see mr party pills matt bowden was there too, so key supports the party pill industry? i thought his mates in the liquor industry were desperately trying to lobby national to ban them?

  • Postman says:

    The part that I found humourous was how he dressed, he looked so uncomfortable without a tie and with his shirt untucked. But I suppose that is how young kids roll, although was that a tag I could see on the bottom of his shirt.

    My real question is when is Claire Sullivan going on the party list she was the most charismatic person I have seen speak about the nats in some time.

  • Craig Ranapia says:

    Pardon me if I don’t regard Jacqui Brown as the arbiter of cool – I can’t remember a damn thing she’s done on Campbell Live apart from a remarkably amusing (in all the wrong way) yet uninformative items where she made herself the butt of a running fat joke.

    Sad, Jacks.

  • phil says:

    I agree with Craig. Weirdly the only person who didn’t make me cringe watching the clip was Bridget Saunders.

  • david says:

    Bridget Saunders was the one who made me cringe the most. Gossip columnists are lower than politicians, IMHO!

  • KJ says:

    Why do people (jackie brown) go out of their way to make The National party and John Key look bad, but never do the same for Helen and her cohorts?
    BIASED MEDIA. Jackie brown isn’t even cool, she’s FOB.

  • Aunty H says:

    Did anyone else notice Carol Hirschfield’s supremely tidy rack?

  • Simon says:

    Re: KJ, because Helen would not have answered that tricky question. She has been in political science studies for decades. Watch the Don Brash V Helen interview, and study the strategies.

  • Barbara says:

    The original video has been taken down. I’d really like to see it. Can it be reinstalled? Alternatively where can I find it? I would like to see the Urbis publisher’s comments. It’s not on You Tube. Thanks

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