Strange Sisters: Lesbian paperback art from the 1950s and 1960s. The titles are terrific!

How to survive a do-or-die emergency: This Readers Digest guide gives useful information about situations that could happen to you, but probably won’t. (Although, you would have peace of mind that if they did, you’d know what to do). Here’s what to do if choking and no-one is around to perform the Heimlich maneuver…

“Richard Stennes, MD, was home alone in La Jolla Shores, California, eating a steak, when the phone rang. The 64-year-old gulped down the bite still in his mouth and answered the call. But the hunk of steak was stuck, and he couldn’t talk or breathe. He put his finger down his throat to grab the meat, but he couldn’t reach it. Gagging didn’t help either. So he walked over to the couch and forcefully thrust his abdomen on the hard arm of the couch, sending the meat flying and allowing him to breathe again.”

Video link: Flying Penguins and chickens. Really!

Biscuit anyone? Er, no thanks.

Show the world the real New Zealand by uploading your video to Our New Zealand: “Whether you’re a Jafa or from Waikikamukau we know your patch is wickud. We reckon there should be a way to brag to your mates, here and abroad, about how choice our country is … Sure film directors and advertising gurus can produce airbrushed scenes of a ‘pure’ New Zealand but we think they’re barking up the wrong tree. The heart of our New Zealand is not sparkling filtered distilled mineral water, but drinking straight from the stream — it’s usually ka pai but sometimes it gives ya the runs.”
(Note: Check out his very strange video taken at the 2008 Aspiring Leaders Forum barn dance)

Can you afford a baby? This quiz will probably conclude “no you can’t”. But unless you’re the type of person who had a checklist of what they want in a partner, then you’ll take no notice of this bullshit.

As if a T-shirt depicting Barack Obama as the monkey from children’s books Curious George wasn’t racist enough, TheSockObama Co. is marketing this.

Video: With the personal freedom of mobile phone use while operating a (potentially lethal) vehicle about to be outlawed in New Zealand, I thought this video was perfect. Watch how this guy deliberately winds up his driving instructors by yapping on the phone.

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9 Responses to “Lesbian Paperback Art and Other Choice Links”

  • jaz says:

    Are you kidding me? You think it’s bullshit to save before reproducing? I suppose you think it’s healthy to live on credit like most people do these days too?

  • Ana says:

    No, I think it’s bullshit to want matching designer furniture and a space age buggy worth a grand.

  • Claire says:

    Damn it, that’s me screwed then. But all is not lost, after giving birth to two of the little buggers, I think I could almost manage to stuff them back in.

  • Bob Roberts says:

    Ana your logic is non-existent. How do you make the leap from a grounded article on financial responsibility to designer furniture and a space age buggy? Focus on what Jaz proferred rather than your straw man argument on ‘designer furniture’. You may as well have put private jet in there. Wiki ’straw man’ is you don’t know what that is yet.

  • Ana says:

    The decision to have kids isn’t a logical one Bob. If it was, only the wealthy would breed and the environmentalists would be singing from the tree tops at the diminishing number of little carbon emitters.

    Sure it is nice to make financial provision for a new baby, but the amounts outlined in the quiz are unrealistic (i.e the 3 months living expenses and 5-10K for baby related expenses).

    Claire, good luck on stuffing them back in :-)

  • Rick says:

    LOL Came in to watch the driving instructor video and got Ana vs The Pocket Einsteins as a extra. Fantastic.

  • Kiwiblog » Blog Archive » Video goodies says:

    [...] Spare Room has an amusing video of a learner driver filming himself being taught to drive while speaking on his mobile phone. One instructor physically takes over the wheel from him. [...]

  • scrubone says:

    The survey is focused on the American situation – where health insurance is a big deal, and each and every hospital visit comes with a hefty price tag.

    So of course it comes across as nonsense in parts, but much of it is basic common sense.

  • Claire says:

    Actually, the $5-10k isn’t far off. We had around that much saved to cover the early months with our 2nd baby and it was all gone by month 6. So back to work for me. Unless you have a very low mortgage or rent, or qualify for lots of Working for Families or other govt help (can o’ worms anyone?), $5-10k is, I think, a pretty minimal sum to keep things ticking over while one parent is not working. (That said, we had only debt when #1 baby arrived, not a cent saved, and he, and we, survived.)

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