June 27 2008

Unintentionally amusing snippets from newspapers.

Lens ligger Shane Cortese is covering every available wall in Auckland, plugging a new local drama-comedy which seems to be TV One’s attempt at an Outrageous Fortune vibe. Whether Burying Brian will be as successful for the state broadcaster as the more established Westie root-fest, only time will tell. Here’s a sneak peek of the show, which starts this Wednesday at 8.30pm.

Parody: A Facebook romance.

Versatile: Matt Damon, the former World’s Sexiest Man now looks like a rural cop from 1981 filming The Informant.

Video Link: Ten clips of Famous Band Vs. Stupid Fans. Queens of the Stone Age make it NSFW language.

Video link: And as if to further prove the point, here’s the Mini Me Sex Tape. Yes, Verne Troyer tongue-dives his former live-in girlfriend in a bid to lift his latest film The Love Guru out of the box office doldrums.

Video link: Planespotters — impressive footage of a plane landing at Honduras Airport.

Video: This is realistic Hollywood sex…

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