July 28 2008

Bride of Chucky: Your very own Twinn Doll is made to look exactly like its owner, except not as big… “a playmate for today a keepsake for tomorrow”.

Picture this: A truly remarkable and moving photo essay from photographer Phillip Todelano titled Days With My Father about his relationship with his 98-year-old father who has lost his short-term memory.

Garden art: Like the zombie garden sculpture we liked, here the equally impressive Bigfoot garden ornament.

Breaking News: First the finance companies, now the banks. Shit! But what does it all mean?

New blog: The Herald has a new parenting blog by former TV journalist Dita De Boni called Keeping Mum. This is not one of those annoying compilations of cutesy kid anecdotes from an adoring mummy, but a smart look at contemporary parenting issues, with bite.

Video link: In his provocative new book The Dumbest Generation, Mark Bauerlein argues that “the digital age stupefies young Americans and jeopardizes our future” by turning out hyper-networked kids who can track each other’s every move with ease but are largely ignorant of history, economics, culture, and other subjects he believes are prerequisites for meaningful civic participation. Check out the video here.

Music nonsense: Misguided rap attempts here.

Video: Human actors are no longer required for ads now there is this lifelike, yet creepy, Fembot.

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7 Responses to “The Dumbest Generation and Other Choice Links”

  • robbie says:

    only in japan…

  • Lenix says:

    That’s really creepy.

  • Sam says:

    I just got a call from a blade runner, he’s gonna “retire” this one for pretending to be a human.

  • Jessica says:

    That Herald blog is utter crap! Did you read her first entry?? Snore. And that photo! You would think someone who used to work in telly would be capable of turning up an in-focus, vaguely presentable picture. I’d rather read the bloody hip replacement blog than her drivel – and that’s saying something!

  • Ana says:

    Jessica: I ummed and ahhed about posting your comment, because it sounded so bitchy. Fine if you don’t like something, but do yourself a favour and explain why.

  • TheDancingCookie says:

    Why would a robot need sunscreen? And what was that thing it was standing on? I’m confused. And a little scared.

    The twin dolls are wonderful! I think it’s ironic that a decidedly wholesome looking company is trying to encourage children to play with themselves…

  • Chachi says:

    Err..I think it’s a really good blog. Why are you so bitter Jessica?

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