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December 31 2009

Today’s Choice Links: Trade Me ad of the year; Tarantino’s Mixtape; Nissan for sale (check out the seats); The past ten years in icon form; Biggest internet controversies of the decade; Grandmothers in front of a green screen…

December 29 2009

Interesting infographic suggesting population growth is out of control and we throw out way too much food. Oh, and Oprah is obscenely rich…

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December 23 2009

The Outlaw Pages

By Kirk MacGibbon

I have the very great pleasure of owning a BMW 850. It’s getting on a bit now, 1991, and starting to show a few signs of wear and tear, of having taken a few knocks in life – a bit like its owner I guess – but it is a truly beautiful, classic car.

To the uninitiated these cars sold, new, for around $270,000. Doug Myers had one. It was BMW’s answer to Ferrari and Porsche, but I can only assume they somehow misinterpreted the question being asked, because at around 4000lbs the five litre V12 engine takes a very pedestrian 6.8 seconds to get from 0-100km/hr.

Still, getting from 100-160km/hr is an altogether different story and represents a clear and present danger to any driver’s licence…

December 22 2009

Literal Last Christmas

posted by Ana Samways at 9:42 am

Wham! ditty “Last Christmas” gets the literal video treatment, just in time…

Literal video is the latest web meme which involves taking a famous eighties hit and rerecording the lyrics to literally reflect what was going on in the music video.

December 18 2009


Katchafire, playing the Powerstation, Ak

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