July 21 2010

TV3: Homage or Copycat?

posted by Ana Samways at 2:44 pm

TV3 is getting some flak from the gamer community over their ad for “Something Big On Monday Night”, which bears a striking resemblance to a PlayStation campaign airing in the US. The ad is almost identical the global brand ad, except it stars Dai Henwood instead of fake PlayStation boss character Kevin Butler.

“Apparently New Zealand is unaware that ads can be uploaded to the Internet and watched in other parts of the world that might not look kindly on such an homage,” says Tim Nudd, editor of Adfreak.com.

“It’s rare to see a carbon copy of a U.S. commercial or campaign created by smaller players overseas,” explains Nudd to gaming site Joystiq.com. “I think there’s a healthy fear of getting caught and sued by the big guys. More common is the reverse — a big U.S. marketer/agency ripping off unknown work from smaller players.”

Earlier this year TV3 News promo used the tagline “Over six billion stories and counting”, which was considered very similar to the long-running SBS tagline: “Six Billion Stories and counting”, according to a story in Campaign Brief.

TV3 no longer has a regular creative agency – they do it in-house and appoint various agencies for individual projects. TV3 has been contacted for comment.

Here is the TV3’s ad followed by the PlayStation, courtesy of Dan News. UPDATE: TV3 are now saying the ad has run its course and have pulled it. How convenient.

What do you think?

(Source: Local gamer site Buttonmasher.)

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