February 03 2011

Like a horny teenager our Prime Minister John Key said he though Liz Hurley was hot (that’s hawt as in boffable, a MILF) and then he minced down the catwalk at the launch of the Rugby World Cup volunteer uniform like John Ingman in Are You Being Served. And the news cameras were there to catch it all. Goff must be delighted.

Over on One News fence-sitter Simon rolled his eyes said he couldn’t comment and Wendy chimed in with ‘don’t give up your day job’ … (Barry and McRoberts proabably did it better)…And within the hour this animated gif made by Dan Satherley was all over Twitter.

It’s a moment like when the elderly Brash got his shoe momentarily stuck climbing into a stock car or when he waivered while walking the plank down at the viaduct. Maybe it’s time Key’s advisers tell him to take the everyman act down a notch?

And if you thought it was all getting quite silly, then there’s this. (ONTD)

Spare Room,

5 Responses to “The People’s Prime Minister”

  • Leon says:

    It’s a shame he isn’t taking the uniform of the Rugby World Cup volunteers, or his role as Prime Minister seriously.
    Quite an embarrassment.

  • Becca says:

    He makes a better model than prime minister.

  • pixie says:

    He thinks nothing can touch him, but he looks like a fool here…He should know by now how the web can mock(or he at least should have someone who can tell him this)

  • Ian F says:

    I remember another error in judgement from Key…Aroha Nathan from McGehan Close was 12 back in 2007, when he took her to Waitangi. Wonder how things have panned out for her now she’s 16?

  • James says:

    hahah i think its awesome, have a sense of humour people!
    who wants a boring prime minister anyway.

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