October 16 2012

St Kevin’s Road

posted by Ana Samways at 1:05 pm

Any of you who are familiar with K- Road and the iconic St Kevin’s Arcade will be a little flabbergasted at how an alleged drunk driver managed to turn from Karanagahape Road, into the peds-only St Kevin’s Arcade and tried to drive down the stairs, munting them well and truly. Here are pictures from Tom Anderson as posted on The Wine Cellar’s Facebook page… “Just a friendly reminder to our alcohol-imbibing customers (that’s all of you, let’s not lie), please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE or you might end up like these muppets. Or worse. (Thanks to for the photos!)” — at St Kevins Arcade. (To clarify, these guys did not drink at Wine Cellar or Whammy.)

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