January 07 2013

It’s just like the 70s in this electrician’s van! This screen grab from 3 News on Thursday shows a nude centerfold stuck to the wall of a work van. He’s a contractor, so he can probably do what he likes. I reckon the TV3 news crew got it in frame on purpose, for a laugh (those camera guys are such wags)…

(Via Reddit by jandalofdoom)

Encore, Spare Room,

2 Responses to “A Fleshy Pair of Lady Buttocks”

  • Jehovah says:

    “It’s just like the 70s!” Yeah nah… tradies do that everywhere. It’s normal. Nice of you to look down your nose on working class people.

  • KipT says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Username = ‘Jehovah’ and he’s getting snobby about people not liking porn. HAHAHAHA!

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