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January 16 2013

This story on Slate used this picture to represent older mothers…

January 07 2013

It’s just like the 70s in this electrician’s van! This screen grab from 3 News on Thursday shows a nude centerfold stuck to the wall of a work van. He’s a contractor, so he can probably do what he likes…I reckon the TV3 news crew got it in frame on purpose, for a laugh…

October 16 2012

St Kevin’s Road

posted by Ana Samways at 1:05 pm

Any of you who are familiar with K- Road and the iconic St Kevin’s Arcade will be a little flabbergasted at how an alleged drunk driver managed to turn from Karanagahape Road, into the peds-only St Kevin’s Arcade and tried to drive down the stairs, munting them well and truly. Here are pictures…

May 26 2011

Spareroom in Hiatus

posted by Ana Samways at 2:13 pm

Hey Spareroom readers! You may have noticed a severe lack of posts over the last few months. Apologies for the delay in letting you know, but we are having a break from the site to raise our baby Gabriel (now six months).
See you soon,
Ana Samways and Steven Shaw

February 09 2011

The Julie Project

posted by Ana Samways at 9:29 am

I bawled while reading about Julie Baird’s unfortunate life, but I am a cryer.

Darcy Padilla photographed Julie over an 18 year period, from when she was a teen with her 8 day old infant to her death from AIDS at 36. The fly-on-the-wall photographs are not easy to look at; they are confronting, brutal and terribly sad. And they made me angry. Why would a woman like this have child after child? To think of Julie as a person and not a series of political issues is important. It reminds us of the fragility of human existence when poverty and poor mental health are factors, and the intergenerational nature of such deprivation…