July 26 2010

Ransom Fridge Magnets

posted by Ana Samways at 11:55 am

The clichéd ransom note can be recreated on your very own fridge with these sticky magazine cutout letters.

The pack contains over 200 magnetic pieces in a wide variety of graphic styles and colours. Perfect for quick messages, reminders – even friendly warnings!

Buy here.

July 08 2010

Got Fish?

posted by Ana Samways at 1:57 pm

The delightful Fish Hotel is a glass fishbowl with a white apartment-like shell which, if you have a whole school of swimmers to house, you can stack on top of each other to make an fish apartment building. Jam ‘em in like sardines! Love the idea; buy here for NZD$36.

June 24 2010

Wayne Barrar – An Expanding Subterra

If you’ve been lucky enough to stop in at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery over the past couple of months you might have seen this outstanding exhibition by prominent NZ landscape photographer Wayne Barrar. An Expanding Subterra, which runs until this Sunday 27 June, looks at man made intrusion on the underground…

June 16 2010

Mood Mugs

posted by Ana Samways at 8:11 pm

Mood Mugs (for coffee, tea and Milo) with different facial expressions on them to match your mood; Happy as Larry, Monstrously Moody or Seriously Sleepy. I know which one we’d be fighting over here…

March 19 2010

TorchwoodWe absolutely loved Children of Earth, the five part, third season of Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood that finished screening in NZ last week. And thanks to NZ online retailer Mighty Ape, we have two DVD copies to give away…

With three out of five eps written by Doctor Who saviour Russell T. Davies and a plot that nodded to Village (and Children) of the Damned, the story is one of world-changing events and secrets from the past that revealed more about the mysterious Captain Jack Harkness… [Update: all gone, cheers!]