August 02 2007

IN THE latest Business Week magazine, American wine critic Robert Parker is less than charitable towards New Zealand wine. He writes: “The cool-climate wines of New Zealand have long been popular with wine critics. But to me the pinot noirs are often too vegetal and green, the sauvignon blancs reminiscent of cat pee and the chardonnay is grotesquely over-oaked. This is a country of young wine producers where everything remains a work in progress, but for now the wines do not translate to quality in the bottle.”

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July 30 2007

A READER writes: “The Avon lady phoned me up to request payment for my order, which was now ready. “Yes, no problem. I’ll put a cheque in our mailbox for you to pick up.” Five minutes later there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to a very tall man wearing a large black motorbike helmet. A bit overwhelmed by his headgear, after his request for the Avon money, I shut the door to go and write the cheque. Next minute there was a huge crash. Instinctively I screamed as loud as I could (I thought the Avon man had smashed through our front door)…

December 14 2006

condom pizza

Hell Pizza has generated another wave of publicity for itself by including condoms and “explicit sex instructions” with its Lust Pizza promotion. These much-reported “explicit sex instructions” are the Ministry of Health-endorsed instructions on how to use a condom, not a Kama Sutra deal as some reports have made out. The most ridiculous over-reaction comes from Brendan Malone from Family Life International who says: “There is no telling how many of them will attempt to use the condom and follow the explicit instructions provided by Hell Pizza”. He goes even further: “We know that young children have viewed pornography, then gone on to act out what they have been exposed to by sexually molesting other young children.” Give me a break! None of the media organisations who were happy to report on the controversy has published a picture of the ad, for fear of giving Hell free publicity. TVNZ chose to illustrate the story with a generic picture of coloured condoms. But how can people judge for themselves if an ad is complaint-worthy or just lame if they don’t see it? So here you are, readers, the Hell Pizza ad. And now at least when you’re arguing about it over dinner, you’ll know what you’re talking about.

December 14 2006

naughty wife

The 1950s advertising answer to wives who don’t get the head of the house fresh coffee.

December 14 2006

Nuffield street

Last month a number of readers wrote in to say the raised surrounds around the trees in poncey Nuffield St, Newmarket, have caused some nasty accidents. The solution to the design fault? Gaudy yellow masking tape. Now that’s classy.