January 16 2013

This story on Slate used this picture to represent older mothers…

January 16 2013

Decades-old flyers for ladies’ nights, screw parties and more have been appearing on the Facebook page for Auckland’s Customhouse Tavern & Nightclub…

January 07 2013

It’s just like the 70s in this electrician’s van! This screen grab from 3 News on Thursday shows a nude centerfold stuck to the wall of a work van. He’s a contractor, so he can probably do what he likes…I reckon the TV3 news crew got it in frame on purpose, for a laugh…

October 16 2012

St Kevin’s Road

posted by Ana Samways at 1:05 pm

Any of you who are familiar with K- Road and the iconic St Kevin’s Arcade will be a little flabbergasted at how an alleged drunk driver managed to turn from Karanagahape Road, into the peds-only St Kevin’s Arcade and tried to drive down the stairs, munting them well and truly. Here are pictures…

May 26 2011

Spareroom in Hiatus

posted by Ana Samways at 2:13 pm

Hey Spareroom readers! You may have noticed a severe lack of posts over the last few months. Apologies for the delay in letting you know, but we are having a break from the site to raise our baby Gabriel (now six months).
See you soon,
Ana Samways and Steven Shaw