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February 09 2011

The Julie Project

posted by Ana Samways at 9:29 am

I bawled while reading about Julie Baird’s unfortunate life, but I am a cryer.

Darcy Padilla photographed Julie over an 18 year period, from when she was a teen with her 8 day old infant to her death from AIDS at 36. The fly-on-the-wall photographs are not easy to look at; they are confronting, brutal and terribly sad. And they made me angry. Why would a woman like this have child after child? To think of Julie as a person and not a series of political issues is important. It reminds us of the fragility of human existence when poverty and poor mental health are factors, and the intergenerational nature of such deprivation…

March 09 2010

If being dumped by text seemed a little adolescent, try being dumped by a stranger who your ex has paid. is a thriving online business for Bradley Laborman who charges $10 to be the prick and make the awkward break-up phone call. He then posts the recordings of the calls on YouTube.

“I had one guy who couldn’t do it because every time he tried to do it, he’d end up having break-up sex with her and get back together,” he tells the Globe and Mail.

Bradley does rub salt in to the wounded, but as Bradley suggests, some folk really don’t get the message. And surely it’s a lucky escape to be dumped by someone to chicken shit (or immature) to call it off face to face.

Here are a few of his calls. Brittney breaks-up with Clark because “Clark loves to play Farmville™, in fact he kinda loves to play it a little too much. SO much that it has effected his work, school and even his relationship. Well Brittney has decided that since this relationship as withered she needs Bradley to step in and harvest the fields so she can plant a new relationship later….

(Listen to this recording and more , after the jump…)

January 14 2010

Although the term cougar is tired and degrading Grabaseat are using it in their Cougar Pride promotion. The Air New Zealand site is looking for 60 women who consider themselves “cougars” to attend the NZI Sevens in Wellington as their cougar cheerleaders. To enter, women over 35 must enter their details including a photo. Tackiness aside, what do the winners win? Apparently tickets to the sold-out Wellington event and “cougar costumes and the equipment to make enough noise to attract the attention of young males” but the women will have to fork out for there own flights and accommodation.

The video to promote the promotion uses the equally tired wildlife narration parody angle…

December 23 2009

The Outlaw Pages

By Kirk MacGibbon

I have the very great pleasure of owning a BMW 850. It’s getting on a bit now, 1991, and starting to show a few signs of wear and tear, of having taken a few knocks in life – a bit like its owner I guess – but it is a truly beautiful, classic car.

To the uninitiated these cars sold, new, for around $270,000. Doug Myers had one. It was BMW’s answer to Ferrari and Porsche, but I can only assume they somehow misinterpreted the question being asked, because at around 4000lbs the five litre V12 engine takes a very pedestrian 6.8 seconds to get from 0-100km/hr.

Still, getting from 100-160km/hr is an altogether different story and represents a clear and present danger to any driver’s licence…

October 16 2009

Despite Ralph Lauren apologising for this digitally distorted ad, the unpopular fashion house has since fired model Filippa Hamilton for being too fat (even though she was medically underweight) and are currently displaying this ad in an Australian department store window…