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October 16 2012

St Kevin’s Road

posted by Ana Samways at 1:05 pm

Any of you who are familiar with K- Road and the iconic St Kevin’s Arcade will be a little flabbergasted at how an alleged drunk driver managed to turn from Karanagahape Road, into the peds-only St Kevin’s Arcade and tried to drive down the stairs, munting them well and truly. Here are pictures…

February 07 2011

Sevens Shenanigans

posted by Ana Samways at 5:05 pm

“We were dressed as ‘Scrabble’ and asked to have a photo with the police,” says Nikki. “They had no idea what we spelt”…

February 01 2011

Paul Henry’s TV Debut

posted by Ana Samways at 3:02 pm

Whether you’re missing Paul Henry or just missing hatin’ on him you might want to take a look at this NZ On Screen clip from 80s game show Every Second Counts

February 01 2011

Massive double take… Is one of the infamous David Bain jerseys starring in this music video by North Shore Pony Club?…

December 10 2010

Lager Giveaway: Monteith’s are offering Spare Room readers a chance to sample their Single Source lager — a new brew which can trace its hops and barley back to a single source. The idea is to create a beer that’s traceable and true to the land it came from — in this case the barley is from Rakaia and the hops are from Motueka. What? A new beer with no macho-marketing?

We have a dozen Monteith’s Single Source lager to give away to five lucky readers…