We had an under-utilised room in our renter and formed Spare Room Publishing Ltd to take ourselves seriously. After years of one-word-rate-pay-scales we realised the only way to make a go of the freelance writing caper is to be your own publisher.

There’s plenty of hard news out there, but we see a gap in the online market for lighter content. Coincidentally that’s where both our skills lie. So Spare Room is made up of three sections – the Spare Room homepage (humour, opinion and ex-pat contributions), The Lounge (covering the likes of film, TV and music) and CoolFinder (a catalogue of art/design/fashion/gadgets we think are both cool and affordable).

Most mainstream publishers like to define their audience by gender, but we reckon unisex content is the way to go. Sure we’re different, but in our reality the Mars/Venus theory is a stretch. Also, we reckon with half of New Zealand overseas there are stories to share. We may be at the end of the Earth, but with contributions from Kiwi ex-pats we can explore. We also want Spare Room to be a place where our smart and opinionated readers get to have a say in a public forum.